If you want to become a salesman on our site, write us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in Wechat. We will register you, give you access to your office, and you will be able to put your goods here.

Registration and placement of goods are free of charge.

When you register, you make a security deposit of 1000 yuan. From this deposit, we will pay penalties to buyers if there are any such cases. If you stop using the site and are removed as a seller, the deposit (or its balance) will be fully refunded to you.


We try to make the use of our site as comfortable as possible for customers. Spending their time on the choice of goods and ordering it at the site, they must be sure that the product is precisely available, and it will be quickly delivered after purchase.

Therefore, in order to prevent situations where the ordered goods are not available or, worse, the buyer has not received either the goods or money for it, we have a system of fines at the site.

If the customer placed an order but the product was out of stock or it was not in the quantity declared on the site, the seller is fined 30 yuan for each unit.

If the customer paid for the goods but did not receive them and the seller did not return the money for the goods, we will refund the buyer in full by deduction from the seller's deposit.

All penalties will be imposed on the seller only after the buyer's complaint and after checking the situation.

If the number of complaints exceeds 12 within months, the seller will be removed from the site.

Seller's office

Each seller has a working room where he can record orders for his products and from which he can add products to the site and adjust their quantity.

Instructions on how to use the office can be downloaded from this link.

Adding a product category

If a seller appears on the site whose goods do not fall into any of the categories presented on the site, he sends a letter to the administration of the site justifying the need to create a new category.

If the application is found to be justified, we will add a new category of goods.

Adding goods

Instructions for adding a new product to the site can be downloaded here.

Shipping of goods

The seller shall send the goods independently by any courier service, as agreed with the customer.

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