We took the Tmall business model as an example. Each seller pays a guarantee fee of 1000 yuan.

If an item is displayed on the website, a certain quantity is indicated, the buyer ordered it, but it was out of stock (or there was no quantity declared), the seller will be fined 50 yuan for each item. The amount of the fine is deducted from his security deposit and is fully paid to the buyer.

In the event that buyer purchased the goods and paid for them to seller, but did not receive them and seller refused to return the money or was lost, we will reimburse buyer in full from seller's deposit.

Disputes relating to the quality of the goods, delivery times, taste or otherwise, cannot be resolved by us a priori. Every buyer is entitled to leave a review on another resource, a directory of Russian-speaking businesses in China, in the section of the relevant vendor or manufacturer. There is also a rating of all market participants. Before buying a product, we recommend that you go to the catalog and see the rating of the seller you are interested in, as well as reviews about him or his products, if any.

Catalog address is www.firstpluscatalog.com.

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